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The Importance Of Dental Floss To Your Dental/Overall Health

We’ve all had a time when we’ve had some popcorn or candy stuck in our teeth and the only way to remove it is with floss. Dental floss is widely praised for being the catalyst to a healthy mouth because of being able to reach under the gum line. What is really surprising is that recent studies from the American Dental Association found that an estimated 12% of Americans floss as part of their daily oral health regimen. The idea

Recognizing Baby Bottle Syndrome and How To Prevent It

The majority of sugars in most fluids gather around the newborn child’s teeth and gums, bolstering the microbes that cause plaque. Each time a youngster devours a sugary fluid, corrosive sugar bugs start to damage the teeth and gums. After various assaults, tooth decay can start. The condition additionally is connected with children who have breastfed from their mother or children who have drawn out encouraging propensities or with kids whose pacifiers are much of the time dunked in nectar, sugar

Effects Of E-Cigarettes On Your Oral Health

With the late fame of the recreational utilization of e-cigarettes and hookah pens as a “more advantageous” choice to customary cigarettes, purchasers are dishonestly persuaded there are no harmful impacts to these water vapor options. The thought that these items represent no risk has energized smokers, nonsmokers and youngsters to expend them. A few purchasers have avoided any further research on these water vapor items and have as of now allowed these new technological advancements as a substitution to traditional

Gum Surgery VS Scaling and Root Planing Therapy

In need of a dental deep cleaning? If you have successfully been identified with gum disease, know that you are not alone – millions of Americans suffer with this disease. In accordance with the CDC, more than 64 million adults in the U.S. are coping with, or have actually had gum disease. Depending on early detection, gum disease can be treatable and preventable. Detecting Gum Disease Gum disease is detected when an exam reveals several gum pockets, or locations where the gum has actually

Root Canal / Endodontic treatment

If you have experienced problems with a tooth, you may wonder, “Do I require a root canal?” Root canals, often times referred to as endodontic treatment, are performed when the nerve or pulp of the tooth becomes contaminated and inflamed due to tooth decay. The treatment involves elimination of the infected nerve or pulp then placing a seal for the tooth canal/s to safeguard against more damage. The typical signs and symptoms that may show the requirement for a root canal is: •

Bleeding Gums

Are you one of the thousands of Americans suffering from bleeding gums? Does the bleeding happen more frequently when you eat specific foods or floss your teeth? Do NOT worry, Dr. Henry Chang wants you to know you’re not alone! At San Jose Sedation & Implant Dentistry we treat thousands of patients suffering from the same symptoms that you’re more than likely experiencing currently. We understand that seeing bleeding gums can be scary but rest assured there are steps that we

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

There are many reasons that Americans have for going to the dentist to seek treatment. But did you know that the most requested treatment in America is actually TEETH WHITENING! Of course it’s no surprise because in this day and age, first impressions matter the most! A big job interview, a first date, your wedding day.. there may be many reasons for wanting a brighter, whiter smile! Whatever the reason may be, teeth whitening from Dr. Henry Chang will transform

Why should I change my electric toothbrush head?

The average tooth brush can consist of 10 million or more germs including E. coli (the stuff that resides in our intestinal tracts and can cause moderate diarrhea or perhaps vomiting and severe stomach cramps) and Staph (which are primarily safe however can cause infections). What’s more, at any provided time there are 100 to 200 species of oral germs residing in your mouth– germs that wind up on your toothbrush. There’s more to worry about if you keep your tooth

Ridge Preservation

Ridge Preservation can potentially minimize the amount of bone loss that takes place in between the time of tooth removal and implant or bridge positioning, as compared with leaving the socket empty. Methods and products used for this procedure have actually steadily improved gradually, making Ridge Preservation the most conservative bone grafting treatment offered. Why do I need Ridge Preservation? When a tooth has to be drawn out or pulled, Ridge Preservation is recommended for short-term stabilization and conservation of the existing bone

What is Occlusal Disease?

Occlusal disease (OD) is a destructive process that can affect your mouth, to include your jaw joints, muscles of your jaw, your gum tissues and your teeth as a result of your teeth and jaw being out of alignment. It has particular symptoms and signs, and like other chronic illnesses, it can only be managed and not cured. In lots of dental patient’s, this tremendously undervalued disease is more damaging than both having cavities and gum disease combined, yet the huge