The prefect answer for the patient that needs additional comfort in the dental chair

Over the years we've seen many benefits to oral sedation dentistry in our office but the biggest benefit we've noticed is that it enables us to have full control of the situation and procedure at hand. Oral sedation allows Dr. Henry Chang to create a safe and comfortable dental procedure experience for each patient who's avoided treatment for years out of fear of the dental chair or those who live an extremely busy lifestyle.

With extensive training in oral sedation, Dr. Chang is able to implement an effective oral sedation of varying methods in order to ease the patients fears and anxieties when procedure time approaches. These sedation methods are absolutely tailored to each patients needs - it is not a one size fits all approach.

These days there are many folks suffering from anxiety related to the dentist office and that's specifically the reason why Dr. Henry Chang seeks continued education in the field of sedation dentistry. Staying abreast on the latest oral sedation techniques is something our office takes great pride in and can greatly benefit you and your dental related anxieties and fears.

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