Amid Pregnancy

Amid pregnancy, a number of women may encounter an increased amount of sensitivity and puffiness of the gums. Pregnancy causes a modification in the estrogen and progesterone levels that, when combined with plaque which is available in the mouth, can bring about an uncommon or exaggerated type of gingivitis also known as “pregnancy gingivitis” . Depending on the severity, at times the tainted gum can develop into a pregnancy tumor. The pregnancy tumor does not normally require treatment and resolves after pregnancy. The name is misleading; however, it is not a mouth cancer and will generally shrink in size after pregnancy.

If dental treatment is necessary it can safely be completed during pregnancy; however, routine dental x-rays are usually avoided until after the baby is born. Although if the expectant mother is in pain, dental x-rays will be taken as minimally as possible and of the affected area only. Use of local anesthetics at regular doses are not harmful to the unborn child although Dr. Chang uses ones without epinephrine/adrenaline during pregnancy. If indicated, the best time for dental treatment for the expectant mother is during the second trimester, so if need be it is best to have any necessary work done in that time frame. Dr Chang recommends to hold off on elective dental treatment until after you have given birth to your child.

Lastly, it is recommended that you practice preventive dentistry at home by having the proper regimen in keeping your teeth clean – brush two to three times daily and clean in between the teeth with floss, proxybrush, or toothpicks. Do schedule your routine dental cleanings especially during pregnancy so that the dental hygienist can check to be sure your gums are in good shape before the delivery date.

We would appreciate you considering San Jose Sedation & Implant Dentistry for your dental treatment during and after your pregnancy. We look forward to meeting you!