Superfood No Nos

Tarnished teeth are just something that can’t be avoided if you’re like most Americans living a busy lifestyle. Even with routine oral health upkeep, your teeth can often wind up stained more often than you’d like. But in this blog we’ll identify some staining suspects that most people may not know about.

In this blog, we’ll use a typical grading scale (A+ – F) to identify which superfoods you need to worry about when it comes to potency of staining. Let’s take a look at some of most unsuspecting items!

Tomato and Tomato Sauce (B-): Now who doesn’t love Italian food marinara and other red sauces and tomatoes on cheeseburgers? While it is a great addition to many recipes, tomato is one of the stealthiest perpetrators we’ll cover in our blog.

One of the reasons most people don’t think tomato’s stain teeth is mainly because they aren’t typically on the dark side of the color spectrum but the high acidity levels are really the main culprit to negatively impacting the brightness of your smile.

Blueberries (C+): This incredible fruit may be small but it packs a punch in anti-aging, weight-managing vitamins. Another great function is protecting the brain from oxidative stress among other things that occur to the brain as it ages.

Although, the blueberry is considered a threat to your smile because of it’s potent staining power, they’re worthy of having in moderate amounts solely on the basis of the various health benefits you can expect to experience.

Walnuts (B-): I think we all know the greatest benefits from walnuts are the high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids that help aid in overall brain health and increased functionality. In early America it was used as a way to dye hair whenever needed. Black and red walnut are big strainers because of the pigmentation on the ‘skin’ and inside of the nut.

Beets and Beet Juice (B-): The latest industry research has shown that adding beets to your diet can decrease your risk of heart disease because it’s high amount of antioxidants. Most folks wouldn’t link beets to antioxidants but these power packed veggies are easy to add into any diet. When it comes to beet juice, it often contains high level of betanin which is the main staining agent in beet juices.

If you’re busy with work, kids, and other activities we understand it can be hard to make your dental health a priority, especially when it comes to consuming food and drink that diminish your smile’s aesthetics.

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