What is All-On-Four Denture?

A question we get asked on a routine basis is, “I’ve heard of dental implants, but what are All-On-Four® dental implants I’ve been hearing about?”. This gets us excited every time it comes up because it’s something we’re incredibly passionate about. For over three decades, Dr. Henry Chang has been placing dental implants in the Bay Area and has received an extensive amount of special training in the All-On-Four® procedure.

Most patient’s want to know about the All-On-Four® process, step by step. That’s why we’ve compiled a walk-thru of our procedure so that you may get a better idea of the background and reason why we’re using this specific procedure.

Step 1: EXAM – A thorough oral exam will be given as well as thorough x-rays taken of your mouth to determine the health and wellness of the bones in your jaw. This examination will determine if there’s any bone loss occurring or has the potential of occurring during the procedure and post-op healing time. If we determine that you are a candidate for this procedure, then we’ll move on to Step 2.

Step 2: First Impressions – We’ll make impressions of your upper and lower jaws so that our technicians are able to custom design and fabricate the bridge portion (your brand new teeth) that will be placed in the jaw on the day of your scheduled surgery.

Step 3: Pencil It In – Set The Date!

Step 4: The Big Day – Treatment day is started off by our friendly staff greeting you with a warm welcome while they escort you to the room where you will receive some medication to relieve you of pain and anxiety, making the procedure feel like a walk in the park.

Step 5: The Hard Work – After you are well sedated, Dr. Chang will start the process of removing the remaining, failing teeth. This process is followed by a thorough cleaning of the diseased and infected tissue from the gums and jaw bone.

Step 6: Implant Placement – The front of the jaw bone will be the location of the first two dental implants, this area is chosen because we’ve found over the years that the most usable bone is located here. Two additional implants are placed at a 45˚ angle located near the back of the jaw bone. This angle gives the implants an incredible amount of support, allowing patients to eat what they want.

Step 7: Finishing Touches – After you’re all done recovering from your procedure, your finishing touches will be added to the temporary dental bridge. Dr. Chang will then attach your new set of teeth to your implants adjusting it for optimal comfort and bite. Once we’ve set your new teeth successfully in place, we’ll give you a mirror so that you can marvel at your perfect smile!

Step 8: Post-Op Care – We’ll give you a detailed list of how to carefully tend to your new set of teeth in the coming days and week. Included will be an oral hygiene, requested diet of soft foods, as well as things to avoid such as smoking, consuming alcohol, contact sports and heavy exercise.

Dr. Henry Chang has successfully transformed hundreds of smiles in San Jose through the All-On-Four® procedure – this is good news for you! Your dream smile is now within reach thanks to wonder of four simple screws, incredible skill and knowledge from Dr. Henry Chang. We’d love to help transform your smile through dental implants today!