What is an Amalgam Filling?

Dental fillings are quite possibly the best option when restoring a damaged tooth that has been ridden with decay. When Dr. Henry Chang places your filling, he removes the area of decay and cleans the area to minimize risk of infection. For those of you that were a part of the ‘No Cavity Club’ when growing up probably aren’t familiar with having dental fillings, let alone having the knowledge of what amalgam fillings are made of.

Let us help you by explaining a few things about fillings:
• Fillings allow Dr. Chang to fill in the space and areas where bacteria can enter.
• Once sealed, this helps prevent any further decay.
• Smooth, clean look while having the ability to eat normally again.

It is commonly known in the dental community that amalgam fillings are different for a particular reason because it is a mixture of many strong metals. The metals most often used in these fillings are made of elemental (liquid) mercury, copper, silver and tin. These metals are able to be bound together by the use of liquid mercury and form an incredibly strong bond that have made amalgam such a popular choice for hundreds of millions of patients worldwide.

Most patients in our office would know amalgam filling by their common name to public, ‘silver fillings’. These specific fillings are extremely moldable in order to help maintain uniformity with each patient’s teeth. Due to the mixture of ingredients that make up this amalgam putty, it is quite possibly the strongest and longest-lasting filling option available on the market still to this day. Another benefit of having an amalgam filling placed, is the price! With the availability of the materials used in our amalgam fillings, we’re able to offer them as a more affordable alternative to pricier options.

Common Concerns:

Q: Is the mercury in my filling the same mercury that is found in certain species of fish?
A: Absolutely not. What’s not commonly known is that there are actually many forms of mercury in chemical form such as elemental mercury, inorganic mercury, and methylmercury. The type of mercury used in our fillings is elemental mercury which is safe for long term use in amalgam fillings.

Over the 30 years of being here in San Jose we’ve noticed over and over again that folks are mainly concerned about what they will pay out of pocket for their dental care so it only makes sense that most patients opt for dental amalgam fillings. This is a great choice not only for the benefit of durability and return on investment but also for functionality. At Dr. Henry Chang’s office we’re proud to offer this great service to our patients and have had great success in the past and we’re confident that you’ll be another success story too.